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TCI 500 Series Chemicals

Aluminum & Stainless Cleaners/Brighteners

Non-Etching Polished Aluminum Cleaner
Use two to three times a year to remove oxidation, road film, oils, black welding & diesel soot and corrosion.
TCI 503 HD Product Application Sheet

Extruded Aluminum Cleaner/Brightener
Removes oxidation and brightens aluminum without etching. Removes anodizing caused by hot water and harsh detergents. Results in an even satin finish. Great alternative for previously acidized aluminum.
TCI 523 HD Product Application Sheet

Extruded Aluminum Cleaner/Brightener, Concentrate
Removes stubborn oxide films and heavy corrostion from aluminum surfaces without etching the surface to a white finish or leaving undesirable streaks.
TCI 524 HD Product Application Sheet

Stainless Steel Cleaner
Use once a year to remove stubborn oxide films and corrosion from stainless steel surfaces. Restores high optical reflectivity. TCI 525 HD Product Application Sheet

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