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CW / CWD Series Power Washer

Electric, Portable / Stationary / Wall Mount Cleaning System
CW / CWD Series Portable / Stationary / Wall Mount Cleaning System
Common Features

Stainless Steel Construction:
Made with rust-proof and sanitary stainless steel, ideal for use in sterile food processing plants or harsh environments.

Front Mounted Controls:
Front mounted controls for easy access and quick adjustments for multiple cleaning applications.

Downstream Soap Injection:
Soaps and chemicals are introduced after the pump eliminating the risk of pump damage. Soap application can be controlled from the gun without returning to the machine.

CW Belt Drive Models

High Temperature Compatibility:
Use a hot water supply for even better cleaning performance to save time. Clean with hot water up to 160°F degrees from your existing hot water source and save the expense of purchasing a hot water pressure washer. For tougher applications an optional hot seal kit will allow you to clean using hot water up to 190°F degrees. Unit shuts off automatically if temperature rating is exceeded, protecting pump from heat damage.

Versatile Portability or Mounting Options:
The CW's unique design allows you to choose to install a wheel kit for portability or choose to mount unit to the wall in a convenient stationary location with the integrated rear bolt keyholes in the chassis design.

Auto On/Off with Adjustable Time Delay Shutdown:
Operator has total control over the system from the trigger gun. This added convenience not only saves time and effort, it reduces wear of the pump and produces an energy efficient system that outperforms the traditional manual on/off.

Water Tight Electrical Enclosure NEMA 4:
ETL certified to UL1776 Class 2, for use in wash-down area, exceeding industry standards. Electrical box features an hour meter and instant access to the electronics.

CWD Direct Drive Models

Compact and Portable Design:
CWD models include caster wheels to move the washer right where you need it or push it up against a wall out of your way. Built in soap container storage rack on non-DI models.

DI Spot Free (Models ending in -DI):
The Hydro Tek spot free washers include built-in housings for the DI filters to make it more compact and portable than others on the market. A stainless steel frame encloses and protects the filter housings, pump, and motor. Simply insert a Hydro Tek filter pack to remove the impurities from tap water for a spot free finish without having to dry the surface. Quick read meter monitors the water quality to let you know when it is time to change the filters. System designed to conserve water flow and increase filter life.

Other Standard Features:
• High efficiency motors
• Quick connect nozzles
• Heavy duty 50’ hose, wand and trigger gun

Model PSI GPM Temp. HP Voltage
CW12003E1 1200 2.5 160 2 115v 1phase 17amp
CW21004E2 2100 4 160 6.5 230v - 1phase 28amp
CW21004E3 2100 4.3 160 7.5 208/230v - 3phase 22amp
CW21004E4 2100 4.3 160 7.5 460v - 3phase 10amp
CW35005E3 3500 4.3 160 10 208/230v - 3phase 29amp
CW35005E4 3500 4.3 160 10 460v - 3phase 14amp
CWD13002E1 1300 2.0 Cold 2 115v - 1phase 15amp
CWD13002E1-DI 1300 2.0 Cold 2 115v - 1phase 15amp
CWD22004E2 2200 3.5 Cold 5 208/230v - 1phase 23amp

Specifications may vary, consult factory for custom models

Optional Accessories:
• Stainless steel wall mount hose reel with lifetime corrosion resistance.
• Wheel kit with handle (CW Models)
• Turbo nozzle
• Hydro Twister® concrete cleaner
• Wet sandblast assembly
• Hose and Wand extension
• Hot seal kit for up to 190° F for CW series only (order #HH3CP)

Technical Information
• Full Color Brochure
• CW12003E1 Tek Sheet
• CW21004E2 Tek Sheet
• CW21004E3 Tek Sheet
• CW21004E4 Tek Sheet
• CW35005E3 Tek Sheet
• CW35005E4 Tek Sheet
• CWD13002E1 Tek Sheet
• CWD13002E1-DI Tek Sheet
• CWD22004E2 Tek Sheet

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