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Hot Pressure Washers

Natural Gas/Propane Fired

HN Series - Hot Water - Stationary Electric, Natural Gas/Propane Fired
HN Series - Hot Water - Stationary Electric, Natural Gas/Propane Fired

Is your cleaning system ready to work anytime you are? With the HN series pressure washer , there is no need to light a pilot, refill the fuel tank, or hunt down a water hose. Simply set the switch to hot or cold and start cleaning. The low speed belt driven pump system is built for reliability. It also features a float tank and full pressure soap injection. The auto ignition burner runs on natural gas or optional liquid propane to help keep the air clean. The stationary design and high output is ideal for in-plant cleaning, car or truck washing, maintenance yards, industrial applications, and equipment repair cleaning at a price that is less than you might expect.

• Pressures from 2000 to 3500 PSI
• Water flows from 3.8 to 4.3 Gallons Per Minute
• Electric motor 230, 208 and 460 volt options
• Natural Gas or Liquid Propane fired burner

Standard Features

Durable Frame Construction:
Welded, powder coated steel, pro-tect-it frame for durability with rustproof stainless coil wrap and front panels. Stainless steel frame option as well as an option for stainless top and back panels are also available.

Best in Class accessibility:
Open frame design gives you full access to all components, including EZ Align belt tensioning system, electrical box, and burner ignitor for efficient preventative maintenance checks.

Clean and Efficient Heating System:
24v automatic electronic ignition on low emission natural gas/propane burner with no pilot to light. High efficiency schedule 80 coil with ceramic insulation delivers years of uninterrupted service.

Bypass Cool System:
Worry free pump cooling system prevents pump from overheating with system designed pump bypass feature.

Belt Driven Pump:
Low RPM drive cooler, quieter, continuous duty performance. These industrial triplex pumps feature ceramic plungers for long life. EZ Align pump rail system for belt tensioning with a simple adustment bolt.

NEMA4 Water Tight Electrical Box:
ETL certified to UL1776 Class 2 for use in wash-down area, exceeds industry standards. Special Hydro Tek control box features easy to use controls and provides instant access to electronics. Standard diagnostic indicators, including an hour meter and pressure gauge to monitor system use, ensure optimal system performance.

More Standard Features:
• Detergent flow metering at full pressure
• Heavy duty industrial motor with standard thermal overload protection
• Adjustable temperature up to 250F with steam setting
• Burst disc technology for operator safety
• Rustproof float tank to regulate incoming water ensuring consistent system performance
• Heavy duty hose, wand and trigger gun and quick connect nozzles
• Remote Ready: Choose an on/off timer remote option or a full function remote option for complete control from the wash site.

Optional Features
• Stainless steel hose reel with lifetime corrosion resistance
• Additional wash station remotes
• Draft diverter
• Stainless burner cover
• LP conversion
• Turbo Nozzles
• Hydro Twister® - deck and concrete cleaner
• Wet sandblast assembly
• Hose and wand extensionsr

Model PSI GPM Temp. HP Voltage
HN20004E2G 2000 3.9 250 5 208/230v - 1ph 20amp
HN25004E2G 2500 3.8 250 6.5 230v - 1ph 29amp
HN25004E3G 2500 3.8 250 7.5 208/230v - 3ph 22amp
HN25004E4G 2500 3.8 250 7.5 460v - 3ph 11amp
HN30004E2G 3000 3.9 250 8 208/230v - 1ph 37amp
HN30004E2C 3000 3.9 250 8 208/230v - 1ph 37amp
HN35005E3G 3500 4.3 250 10 208/230v - 3ph 29amp
HN35005E3C 3500 4.3 250 10 208/230v 3ph 29amp
HN35005E4G 3500 4.3 250 10 460v 3ph 13amp
HN335005E4C 3500 4.3 250 10 460v 3ph 13amp

Specifications may vary, consult factory for custom models

Optional Accessories:
• Turbo nozzle
• Hydro Twister® Concrete cleaner
• Wet sandblast assembly
• Hose and Wand extension
• Wheel kit with 3/4” solid steel axles
• Trailer and Tank Skid options

Technical Information
Full Color Brochure
HN20004E2G Tek Sheet
HN25004E2G Tek Sheet
HN25004E3G Tek Sheet
HN25004E4G Tek Sheet
HN30004E2G Tek Sheet
HN30004E2C Tek Sheet
HN35005E3G Tek Sheet
HN35005E4G Tek Sheet
HN35005E3C Tek Sheet
HN35005E4C Tek Sheet
HN Exploded View

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