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HX Series Pressure Washer

Hot / Cold / Steam Portable Electric Powered Pressure Washer
HX Series Hot / Cold / Steam Portable Electric Powered Pressure Washer

Standard Features

Instant Trigger Start (ITS):
Operator has total control over the system from the trigger gun. The machine and burner starts and stops instantly when the trigger gun is pulled or released. Our unique flow control system eliminates false starts and outperforms traditional manual on/off systems. The pressure can also be controlled from the wand increasing operator efficiency.

Adjustable Temperature and Soap Settings:
Front mounted control panel allows quick and easy adjustments of soap and temperature settings.

Pressure Regulator:
A pressure regulator is used instead of the traditional unloader, creating a smooth flow during start-up and unmatched system reliability. This system also bleeds off the excess pressure increasing operator safety.

Rugged "Pro-Tect-It" Frame:
The ultimate in protection. Hydro Tek’s unique "Pro-tect-it" frame of 1 ¼", heavy gauge steel, with durable electrostatically applied powder coat finish. The built-in lifting eyes gives you greater flexibility and protection when moving the system.

Stainless Steel Panels:
Not just decorative flashes, these rugged and durable panels offer lifetime corrosion resistance and protection of your valuable investment from the harshest environments. Keeps your machine looking like new for years to come. Quick connects provide easy removal for full access to all major components and the ultimate in serviceability.

NEMA4- Water Tight Control Panel:
ETL certified to UL1776 Class 2, for use in wash-down areas, exceeding Industry standards. Special Hydro Tek control box features easy to use controls and provides instant access to electronics. Standard diagnostic indicators, including an hour meter to monitor system use, ensures optimal system performance.

High Output Burners & Super Efficient Heating Coils:
Produces the highest heat rise in its class even with the coldest water supply, delivering optimal heating with over 500,000 BTU’s to increase your cleaning speed. The HX will also provide steam at full output flow with its exceptional heating ability for your toughest cleaning applications.

CAT Belt Driven Pump:
High torque, low RPM drive- cooler, quieter, continuous duty performance. These Industrial triplex pumps outperform the competition in longevity – featuring concentrically bored & polished, graphite impregnated ceramic plungers with advanced seal design to meet our ultimate standard- yours.

8 Gallon Diesel Tank with filtration:
Heavy Duty “roto-molded” rust free fuel tanks with water separating fuel filter to protect against contaminated fuel. Extended run time (up to 5 hrs.) eliminates interruptions.

More Standard Features:
• Precision chemical metering valve, injects at full pressure
• Heavy duty industrial motor with standard thermal overload protection
• Adjustable pressure regulator and burst disc technology for operator safety
• Float tank to regulate incoming water ensuring consistent system performance
• Heavy duty hose
• Stainless steel "Ultra Gun" with adjustable pressure.

Optional Features:
• Turbo Nozzle
• Hydro Twister®- deck and concrete cleaner
• Wet sandblast assembly
• Hose and wand extensions
• Stainless steel hose reel for lifetime stainless steel corrosion resistance
• Swing-Up handle – allows for easy storage
• Wheel Kits with various wheel combinations

Model PSI GPM Temp. HP Voltage
HX21004E2 2100 4 250 6.5 230v - 1ph
HX21004E3 2100 4 250 6 230v - 3ph
HX21004E4 2100 4 250 6 460v - 3ph
HX32004E2 3200 3.5 250 7.5 230v - 1ph
HX35005E3 3500 4.3 250 10 208/230v - 3ph
HX35005E4 3500 4.3 250 10 460v - 3ph

Note: The HP22005 & HP2005 feature belt drive pump, float tank, and inlet chemical injection. Specifications may vary, consult factory for custom models

Optional Features & Accessories:
• Stainless Steel Hose Reel with lifetime stainless steel corrosion resistance
• Wheel Kits 10” or 12”
• Turbo Nozzle
• Hydro Twister® concrete cleaner
• Wet Sandblast Assembly,
• Hose and Wand Extension

Technical Information
Full Color Brochure
HX21004E2 Tek Sheet HX21004E3 Tek Sheet HX21004E4 Tek Sheet HX32004E2 Tek Sheet HX35005E3 Tek Sheet HX35005E4 Tek Sheet HD Exploded View

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