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SS Series Pressure Washer

Hot / Cold / Steam Self Contained Pressure Washer
HD Series Hot / Cold / Steam Self Contained Pressure Washer

Standard Features

"Pro-tect-it" Frame:
The ultimate in protection. Hydro Tek’s unique "Pro-tect-it" frame of 1¼", heavy gauge steel, with durable electrostatically applied powder coat finish. The built-in lifting eyes gives you greater flexibility and protection when moving the system. Compact: Fits through 30" door with wheels.

NEMA4- Water Tight Control Panel:
ETL certified to UL1776 Class 2, for use in wash-down area, exceeding Industry standards. Special Hydro Tek control box features easy to use controls and provides instant access to electronics. Standard diagnostic indicators, including an hour meter to monitor system use, ensures optimal system performance.

Flexible, high intensity 12V Diesel Burner System:
Sophisticated 12V burner system transforms available power from system to fire the diesel burner. This efficient burner system offers an economical alternative to provide maximum burner performance. No outside power source is required.

Stainless Steel Panels:
Not just decorative flashes, these rugged and durable panels offer lifetime corrosion resistance and protection of your valuable investment from the harshest environments. Keeps your machine looking like new for years to come. Quick connects provide easy removal for full access to all major components and the ultimate in serviceability.

Heating System:
The ultimate balance of power, efficiency and corrosion resistance in this uniquely designed Hydro Tek schedule 80 coil. Rugged construction suitable for ‘over the road use’ works in harmony with the stainless steel, ceramic insulated housing. Virtually indestructible construction and industry leading performance-years of uninterrupted, worry free service.

Panel Mounted Unloader:
The unloader is frame mounted eliminating heat failures and vibration. Low flow models have pressure activated unloaders for consistent and dependable operation. Higher flow models have flow activated unloaders which allow pressure to build up gradually as trigger gun is activated eliminating pressure spikes and improving operator control and safety. When the gun is released, entire system pressure is relieved enhancing life of washer and eliminating engine starting problems.

Industrial High Pressure Pumps:
CAT, General and Annovi Reverberi pumps offer high torque, low RPM drive- cooler, quieter, continuous duty performance. These industrial triplex pumps outperform the competition in longevity – featuring concentrically bored & polished, graphite impregnated ceramic plungers with advanced seal design to meet our ultimate standard- yours.

8 Gallon Gas/ 8 Diesel Tank with filtration:
Heavy Duty “roto-molded” rust free fuel tanks with water separating fuel filter to protect against contaminated fuel. Extended run time (up to 8 hrs.) eliminates interruptions.

More Standard Features:
• Detergent flow metering at full pressure on belt-driven models
• Quick release nozzles
• Industrial gasoline engines with efficient OHV design, feature heavy duty steel cylinder liners for industrial strength power
• Durable diesel engines available for enhanced longevity and efficient operation
• Burst disc technology for operator safety
• Adjustable temperature up to 250° F with steam setting
• Heavy duty hose 50’ / 250° F rated and wand and trigger gun

Model PSI GPM Temp. Engine Pump Engine
SS30003HH 3000 3.0 250 F 479cc AR Vanguard Gas / Direct
SS35003VH 3500 3.5 250 F 479cc AR Vanguard Gas / Direct
SS38004VG 3800 4.0 250 F 479cc General Vanguard Gas / Direct
SS40004VG 4000 4.0 250 F 570cc General Vanguard Gas / Direct
SS30004VG 3000 4.0 250 F 479cc General Vanguard Gas / Belt
SS35004VH 3500 4.0 250 F 479cc AR Vanguard Gas / Belt
SS35005V 3500 4.6 250 F 570cc CAT Vanguard Gas / Belt
SS35005VH 3500 4.8 250 F 570cc AR Vanguard Gas / Belt
SS35006VG 3500 5.0 250 F 570cc General Vanguard Gas / Belt
SS35006VG 3500 5.5 250 F 627cc General Vanguard Gas / Belt
SS35006HG 3500 5.5 250 F 688cc General Honda Gas / Belt
SS40005VH 4000 4.8 250 F 570cc AR Vanguard Gas / Belt
SS30004DG 3000 4.0 250 F 442cc General Kohler Diesel / Belt

Specifications may vary, consult factory for custom models

Optional Features & Accessories
• Wet sandblast assembly
• Hose and wand extensions
• Wheel and handle kits
• Stainless steel hose reels

Technical Information
Full Color Brochure
SS30003VH Tek Sheet
SS35003VH Tek Sheet
SS38004VG Tek Sheet
SS40004VG Tek Sheet
SS30004VG Tek Sheet
SS35004VH Tek Sheet
SS35005V Tek Sheet
SS35005VH Tek Sheet
SS35005VG Tek Sheet
SS35006VG Tek Sheet
SS35006HG Tek Sheet
SS40005VH Tek Sheet
SS30004DG Tek Sheet
SS Exploded View

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