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Stationary Wash Water Recycler

Stationary Wash Water Recycler

The MME is an automated, multi-media recycle system for industrial and professional cleaning. For durability, it is constructed using high-grade industrial filters and components. Wash water is clarified through a three stage separator and polypropylene oil coalescing biometric spheres. Water quality is enhanced through column style multimedia water filtration and an ozone injection exterminates odor problems. It is designed to treat medium to heavy loads of wash water and will automatically back flush solids and oils for increased performance and less maintenance. The use of quick release chemicals are recommended for enhanced water quality. It can be utilized in a wash environment for closed loop, wash water reuse or for discharge to the sewer with proper permits. Ideal for maintenance and rental yards, diesel truck and equipment repair facilities, military bases and municipalities.

Standard Features
• Easy Maintenance
• Wastewater process rate up to 10gpm
• 5 micron final polishing
• 230v, 20amp, 1ph
• Automatic back flush and pH monitor
• Pre-filtration & three cell clarification
• Hydrocarbon & solids separation
• Polypropylene oil coalescers
• Multi-media filter 225 lbs. (advanced media)
• Carbon filter 200 lbs. (degassed)
• On demand supply for power washer
• Ozone treatment, 12 grams per day
• Stainless frame
• 270 Gallon process water storage tank
• OPTIONS: Sump Pump, Pre-treatment Clarifier

Technical Information
RMME2 Tek Sheet

About the high performance filtration media
This is a natural high purity mineral based media that is processed and refined. Unique properties allow it to radically alter the performance & cost of filtration. It is a high performance silt, sediment and turbidity media. Outperforms conventional media and provides micro-porous characteristics. A perfect filtration media for virtually every application in wastewater treatment.

• High filtration performance 3-5 micron removal
• High capacity, twice the capacity of other media
• Functions as a true depth filter media
• Long lasting when frequent backwashes programmed
• Superior solids load capacity & filtration
• Wastewater polishing for suspended solids removal

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