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RPFE1 Stationary Process Filtration System

Stationary Process Filtration System

The PFE Process Filtration System features the simplicity and dependability of a fully manual system. It is ideal for exterior, non-detergent washing of equipment at rental yards, auto repair, detail shops, or for contractors who have a wash bay and single or multi-stage sump pit to recover wash water runoff. The PFE features 3-stages of inclined gravity separation with easy to access sludge drains. Two separate stages of oil separation and three stages of pleated filtration, including a carbon impregnated stage to remove odors and hydrocarbons plus a chlorine injector to control bacteria growth.

Standard Features
• Wastewater process rate up to 6gpm
• 6 stage filtration process, up to 5 micron
• 120v, 30amp, 1ph
• Automatic chlorinator
• Activated carbon filter
• Light oil separation
• Stainless frame is standard equipment
• 185 gallon tank with automatic water make-up included

Technical Information
RPFE1 Tek Sheet

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