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TSS Pre-Treatment Tanks

R4TE1 Solids Separator & Oil Skimmer with 4 tanks

R4TE1 Solids Separator & Oil Skimmer with 4 tanks
This clarifier is among the best in above ground, oil water separators for use in pre-treatment or waste water recycling. Maximize water quality performance through flow controlled pre-separation. The dramatic quad conical tank set-up is automated with digital timer actuated dump valves which remove solids. Hydrocarbons are automatically removed by skimming to a collection chamber. Biometric spheres allow for coalescing of solids and oils prior to exiting the conical chamber tanks. This set-up is typically used independently as a pre-stage separator for sewer discharge or can be added to any existing recycle system on site.

Standard Features
• Clarification with biometric coalescing spheres
• Up to 15 gpm
• 110v with 24v controls on dump valve
• Hydrocarbon skimmer & solids separation
• Fully automated discharge
• Self sufficient & maintenance free
• Automated purging/drain up to 8 times per day

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